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Death has come back from holiday to an instant message from the boss detailing some changes to Death's job:

Death is no longer allowed to touch the damned.

How will Death get their job done now? Well, have you heard of this thing that the mortals are using where they go on to the line and yell at one another about stuff? I think they call it Screechr.

Created by the Strong Coffee Team:

Micah Brogan - Design/Production

Luca Fagagnini - Music Composer

Huberth Laurent - Sound Designer/Sound Implementation

James Badcoe - Programmer

Neryko - Graphic Artist

Richard G Mooney - Game Writer

Have fun baiting stupid mortals to their humorous deaths in this game produced for the GameJobsLive2020 Game Jam.

#CarpeDiem was a top 3 finalist in the Best Narrative Award at the end of the GameJobsLive2020 Game Jam.


CarpeDiem.zip 30 MB
CarpeDiem.app.zip 31 MB

Install instructions

Play the game in 3 easy steps:

1) Download

2) Unzip

3) Run .exe

And secret step 4: Enjoy the game!

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