Monarch Arts

New ascended magic items that scale with your players.
Steal your opponent's power and use the arcane against them.
Tell ttrpg stories of spiritual possession! How will your heroes overcome this dark fate?
Will you become one with the dark forces of the lower planes or become a saint blessed by the higher planes?
Mechanic for collaborative character progression in 5e.
Play as a member of a race of plant-lady forest-dwellers
A new fighter archetype for the fifth edition of the world's most popular tabletop roleplaying game.
Customise your magic identity with this new archetype for Sorcerers.
Death comes back from vacation to a new workplace restriction and must use some social media influence to do his job!
A submission for the GMTK2020 game jam.
An interactive narrative game that is both a thrilling adventure and a message about gaming etiquette.
Role Playing
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Sci-fi 2D Platformer